Remote Medical Transcription Jobs Entry Level

July 2, 2024

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    July 2, 2024
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Hey! Do you possess a vast knowledge of medical terminology but are interested in something other than working in a traditional hospital setting? Well, have you considered remote medical transcription jobs entry level?

TranscribeMe is a popular choice for entry-level positions in remote medical transcription…

So, if you want to utilize your medical knowledge in a flexible work environment, keep reading!

Remote Medical Transcription Jobs Entry Level Important Details
? Department of Serving: Transcription
? Company: TranscribeMe
? Role: Remote Medical Transcriptionist
? Type of Job: Full-Time
? Reporting To: Supervisor
? Last Date to Apply: July 18, 2025

What is Medical Transcription?

Before we discuss TranscribeMe and its job opportunities, it?s important to understand what medical transcription is.

Medical transcription is transcribing or converting voice-recorded reports by healthcare professionals, such as doctors or nurses, into written documents. These reports can include patient histories, physical exam notes, operative reports, discharge summaries, and more.

What is TranscribeMe?

TranscribeMe is an online platform that provides accurate and efficient transcription services to various industries, including the medical field. Serving multiple industries and clients Since 2011, we have built a reputation for high-quality transcription services.

Our platform utilizes a crowd-sourcing model, where audio files are split into smaller segments and distributed among multiple transcriptionists.

What we Look for in Our Applicants?

At TranscribeMe, we welcome individuals with little or no prior experience in medical transcription. However, there are some basic requirements that you must meet to be eligible for our remote medical transcription jobs entry level:
? Strong understanding of medical terminology: As mentioned earlier, this is crucial as it allows you to transcribe medical reports accurately.
? Good typing speed: Your typing speed will directly impact your productivity as a transcriptionist. We expect our ideal applicants to match a minimum typing speed of 60 WPM.
? Excellent Knowledge of English grammar and punctuation: The ability to accurately transcribe reports heavily relies on your understanding of proper grammar and punctuation. For example, if you are transcribing a report for a doctor, you need to ensure that all medical terms and jargon are spelled correctly.
? Good listening skills: You will be working with audio recordings, so to ensure you type exactly what is being said, you need good listening skills.
? Reliable internet and computer: We ask for this, as you will be working remotely. We have a reputation for providing high-quality, time-bound transcription services.

Benefits of Remote Careers at TranscribeMe

Now that you are aware of the requirements for our entry-level positions, let?s discuss some of the benefits:
? Flexible working hours: As mentioned earlier, we split audio files into smaller segments, which means you can work at your own pace and during hours that suit you.
? Opportunity for growth: TranscribeMe is a great place to start and grow under our mentorship program. We back our work-from-home employees through a dedicated support team of industry expert mentors and team leads.
? Work from anywhere: Say goodbye to rush hour traffic and commuting! We don?t care about where you work as long as you meet the quality and productivity standards.
? Competitive pay: Most of you may have been waiting for that. Our pay scale is competitive and varies depending on the complexity of the audio file, turnaround time, and your experience.


To sum up, TranscribeMe offers a great start for those seeking entry-level remote medical transcription jobs. Even if you don?t have prior experience in medical transcription, as long as you possess a strong knowledge of medical terminology and other necessary skills, we welcome you to join our team.

How to Apply for Remote Medical Transcription Jobs Entry Level at TranscribeMe

If you feel like remote medical transcription jobs entry level at TranscribeMe is a perfect fit for you, here?s how you can apply. Get ready with your resume, cover letter, and a lot of enthusiasm, then email us to get started

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