Remote Entry-Level Typing Jobs For Teens Work From Home

July 2, 2024

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    July 2, 2024
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Job Description

Lionbridge has recently announced opportunities for remote entry-level typing jobs specifically for teens looking to work from home. This initiative focuses on providing young, aspiring individuals with a gateway into the professional world, while also targeting more experienced candidates seeking something new.
Remote entry-level typing jobs for teens work from home are not only convenient but… also offer a good salary, making them a valuable career path.
For those aiming to kickstart a virtual typing career, these positions are an excellent way to gain experience, develop skills, and achieve financial independence without the need to commute.
Remote Entry-Level Typing Jobs For Teens Work From Home ? Detailed Information
? Recruiting Agency/Company: Lionbridge
? Type of Employment: Remote
? Department: Online Typing (Data Entry)
? Valid Till: February 13, 2025
Who We Are
At Lionbridge, we are dedicated to bridging gaps and creating opportunities that transcend geographical boundaries. Our mission is to provide accessible employment options that cater to various skill levels and experiences, ensuring that every individual has the chance to thrive in the digital age.
We recognize the potential in young talent and are committed to nurturing it through supportive, flexible work environments.
Your Role As a Typing Writer At Lionbridge
? Accurately Input Data: You have to accurately input data from various sources into digital formats, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and attention to detail.
? Transcribe Documents: Your role will include transcribing handwritten and audio documents into typed formats for Lionbridge, requiring strong listening skills and the ability to type efficiently under deadlines.
? Maintain Confidentiality: It is crucial to uphold Lionbridge?s standards regarding the confidentiality of sensitive information, ensuring all data handled is kept secure and private at all times.
? Perform Quality Checks: You will need to perform regular quality checks on your work to ensure all data entered meets Lionbridge?s quality standards, correcting any errors identified promptly.
? Communicate Effectively: Effective communication with the Lionbridge team is essential, requiring you to interact with supervisors regarding any challenges or clarifications needed to perform your duties efficiently.
Expected Working Hours
Remote entry-level typing positions at Lionbridge typically require a commitment of 20-30 hours per week. These hours offer flexibility, allowing teens to balance their job responsibilities with educational or other personal commitments effectively.
Eligibility Criteria
Work From Home Typing Jobs For Teens Entry Level at Lionbridge have specific requirements to ensure candidates are well-prepared to handle the responsibilities effectively. Below are the criteria:
? Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 16 years old to qualify for these entry-level typing positions at Lionbridge.
? Educational Background: A high school diploma or current enrollment in high school or equivalent educational program is required.
? Typing Speed: Candidates must demonstrate a minimum typing speed of 45 words per minute with high accuracy to be considered.
? Experience: While not mandatory, having 6 months to 1 year of prior typing or data entry experience is preferred.
Technical Requirements:
? You must have a stable internet connection to ensure a seamless workflow
? Basic knowledge of word processing software and data entry applications
Required Skills:
? Strong communication skills to effectively liaise with the Lionbridge team
? Proficiency in the English language, both written and verbal
? Ability to maintain high levels of confidentiality and data security
Meeting these criteria will greatly enhance applicants? prospects for success in Lionbridge?s remote entry-level typing careers.
Application Process
Joining Lionbridge for remote entry-level typing jobs for teens working from home involves a few essential steps.
First, ensure that your cover letter is tailored to highlight your enthusiasm for typing and any relevant experience you may have. It should be concise yet compelling, demonstrating your motivation and capability for the typing role.
Then, prepare a professional resume that outlines your educational background, typographic skills, and any other pertinent qualifications. Finally, send both your cover letter and resume to our dedicated email address

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