Airbnb Specialist

July 2, 2024

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    July 2, 2024
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Job Description

We are a growing start-up company looking for a talented and experienced Airbnb Specialist to join our community. As an Airbnb Specialist, you will be responsible for providing guidance and support to our community of side hustlers. You will help them develop their side hustle ideas, set goals, and achieve success with their Short-term Rentals (STRs) Hustles.
You will join a community focused on… side hustles, including:
? Content Creator ? YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram
? Reselling and Thrifting ? including eBay, Etsy, Mercari, Poshmark, and others
? E-Commerce ? including Amazon, Shopify, and your own online store
? Gig Economy ? like DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft
? Freelancing and Consulting ? social media marketing, graphic design, and more
? Online Business ? including blogging, podcasting, and online courses
? Local Services ? including cleaning, knife sharpening, notary services, pet waste removal, and more
? Self-Publishing ? including Kindle Direct Publishing and Canva
? Provide one-on-one and group mentoring to side hustlers
? Help side hustlers develop their side hustle ideas
? Set goals and track progress with side hustlers
? Provide support and motivation to side hustlers
? Share knowledge and resources with side hustlers
? Stay up-to-date on the latest trends in side hustles
? Build relationships with side hustlers and other mentors
? A willingness to share know-how through video, livestreaming, and text content
? Passion for innovation and entrepreneurship
? Be your own boss
? Learn how to make money from your passion and interests
? Find a community of like minded hard working solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
? Choose your own schedule and work when you want
If you are a passionate and experienced Airbnb Superhost, we encourage you to apply. We are a community that values diversity. We encourage everyone including women and people of color to join us

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